Nice Dissolve is a Brooklyn-based boutique post production facility. We provide color grading, dailies, deliverables, workflow support and edit/screening space rental to indie films. We believe film should be about storytelling, not money; our services are priced to be as accessible as possible.

If you’re making an indie film, you should call us.

Why Nice Dissolve?

When Red announced the first affordable 4K camera, we pre-ordered one of the first 400 units and immediately got started building workflows for it. When Arri began shipping prerelease Alexa XT cameras, we processed dailies for one of the first full sensor 2:1 anamorphic Alexa features ever shot.

We were one of the first companies in the world to grade a feature film in the software version of DaVinci Resolve — writing some of our own in-house code to fill in workflow gaps.

When we weren’t happy with the speed and quality of DVD dailies, we created our own proprietary web-based dailies system that makes HD footage available to smartphones, tablets laptops and desktops, and a transcoding pipeline that allows clips to start posting within minutes of footage being dropped off.

We’ve graded footage shot on everything from iPhones and DSLRs to Epic and Alexa to 16 and 35mm film. We’ve conformed projects edited in every major editing system, and a couple of editing systems so new not many people are using them yet. We’ve delivered projects to TV networks, the world’s most prestigious film festivals, and major distributors. We’ve worked with everyone from film students to Oscar winners.

The post production landscape is changing at a radical pace, and many post facilities are struggling to keep up.

Nice Dissolve isn’t just keeping up with change — we’re helping to drive it. For the filmmakers who work with us, that means exciting new capabilities and, as today’s high-powered digital technology gets ever more advanced, dramatically more affordable pricing.