A better process

Traditional post facilities devolve responsibility for your film onto multiple staff members whose names you may never learn, and gate your access to them through account reps or other go-betweens. This structure may have been required 15 years ago, when digital post required a half a dozen narrow specialists and millions of dollars of equipment. Today, however, it's an unnecessary barrier to creative collaboration.

We operate on a very different structure, developed from our experience finishing over 100 feature films. Your Nice Dissolve colorist will serve as the primary point-person for your film. You'll have direct access to a creative professional who takes responsibility for everything from initial conform to final graded master, backed up by the resources of a full-service post facility.

The facility you choose should never limit the talent you have access to, so if you have a freelance colorist you prefer to work with, we can also make all the same resources available to them.

Engine of creation

Our DI theater features a 12.5 foot screen, seats up to 9 people, and has a 4K projector with full support for both Rec. 709 and P3 grading workflows. With over 250 TB of shared storage and a 28-core workstation with multiple NVIDIA graphics processors, we can easily handle advanced file-based workflows, including real-time grading with 4K+ native camera raw formats.

With you through festivals and delivery

When your film is done, we can handle disc and web screener creation and festival DCP authoring and replication.

For final delivery to a distributor or sales agent, our unique Filmflow service can create the myriad of file- and tape-based elements required, and track them — and even paperwork delivery elements like contracts — through every stage of the delivery process, saving days that might otherwise be spent exchanging emails about confusing delivery requirements.

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Images from You Will Never Know, Last Kind Words, Certainty.