Our web dailies system, Halide, provides a custom web-based interface that gives producers, investors and key production crew simple and speedy access to dailies on a full range of modern devices — including desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones — from anywhere in the world.

Our hyper-efficient transcoding pipeline allows us to offer dailies services at dramatically lower rates than large Manhattan or LA facilities.

How It Works

Halide is seamlessly integrated into our feature film dailies pipeline, and can be provided as part of a complete dailies package or as a stand-alone service. We accept footage in virtually all video and digital cinema formats, including from Arri Alexa, Sony F55, Red Epic, and many more. The complete integration between our web and editorial dailies systems means that we can start encoding and posting web dailies at the same time editorial dailies are being created. This means that you can start watching your footage on our system hours before most facilities would have even begun encoding their web or DVD dailies.

Full Service

  1. Drop off or ship hard drives with original camera footage to our post facility in Brooklyn, NY.
  2. We process your footage into editorial and web dailies, with the option to use camera audio or to sync audio from an external recorder.
  3. We make your web dailies available for online viewing through your project's private Halide account.
  4. Pick up your editorial dailies on hard drive in any of a wide variety of formats for Final Cut Pro or Avid systems.

Web Only

  1. Drop off or ship hard drives with editorial dailies footage to our post facility in Brooklyn, NY.
  2. We process your editorial dailies, using their embedded audio, into web dailies.
  3. We make your web dailies available for online viewing through your project's private Halide account.

Easy & Organized

Halide is clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. Clips can be browsed by shooting day, or tagged with scene/shot/take information and browsed by scene. Original camera clip names are always available, enabling clear communication with editorial.

Crystal Clear HD

Web dailies are delivered in high bit rate 720p HD, via a custom encoding pipeline based around x264, the world's highest quality web video encoding engine. Clips are properly cropped to the correct aspect ratio, eliminating unnecessary black bars. For a more cinematic experience, activate full-screen mode and watch without distraction.

Modern Standards for Modern Devices

Designed around modern HTML5 and H.264 web video standards, our web dailies are compatible with the latest devices. You can watch directly in a web browser from a desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone (iPhone 4 or later).

Subscribe in iTunes

Want to watch dailies on set, but don't have Internet access there? Automatically sync dailies to iTunes at home or at the office via a private, password-protected podcast feed. Once footage is on your computer's hard drive, you can watch it offline anytime. Sync it over to an iPad or iPhone for even more mobility, or stream to your Apple TV for couch-friendly viewing.

Access Control

Dailies access is password protected, and all login information and data is protected in transit via SSL encryption. Our user management system puts you in charge of who has access, and allows features like iTunes downloading to be enabled or disabled on a per-user basis.

You can also send us your custom non-disclosure agreement. We'll display it to each user when they're first granted access, and record their IP address and the time they agree to it.


For additional security, dailies footage can also be watermarked, with text or your production company's logo, opaque or transparent, over any part of the frame.

For questions or pricing call (718) 569-8325, e-mail info@nicedissolve.com or contact us on the web.

System Requirements

For desktop and laptop viewing, Halide is compatible with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For best results, we recommend Safari for Mac OS X users and Chrome for Windows users.

Because of the high quality of the video format, some computers more than three years old, or computers with very low system specifications, such as low-cost netbooks, may not provide smooth playback.

Dailies can also be viewed on iPad and iPhone. iPhone 4 or later is required, as older models cannot decode 720p video.

Real-time playback of web dailies requires a broadband connection 3 Mb/s or better; 5 Mb/s or better recommended.