Film delivery simplified.

Our newly-launched Filmflow platform provides deliverables fulfillment with transparent pricing, end-to-end status tracking, and fast turnaround. Get paid sooner, streamline paperwork delivery, and have more visability into the status of the delivery process. We've been delivering films for over a decade; let us deliver yours. For full details about Filmflow, and to instantly see a price for your deliverables package using our interactive quote generator, visit

DCP Creation

Digital cinema package authoring with turnaround as fast as next-day.

  • 2K or 4K resolution
  • Encrypted or unencrypted
  • DCDM creation
  • DI theater with DCP playback capabilities
  • DCP duplication
  • Online ordering through our MakeDCP service.

Cinema & Broadcast

  • Digital Source Master (DSM) creation
  • ProRes 'mezanine' files
  • IMF packages
  • Closed captions
  • Combined Continuity and Spotting Lists (CCSL)
  • Pan & scan creation


Transcoding to DPX, ProRes, DNxHD, Uncompressed HD, H.264 and other formats.

  • Alexa transcoding, including ARRIRAW support and conversion from Log C ProRes via standard or custom LUTs or Alexa look files
  • Sony F5/F55 transcoding, from XAVC or raw, 1080p, 2K or 4K
  • Hardware-accelerated maximum-quality Red/Epic transcoding to most formats in real time
  • Phantom CineFile transcoding
  • High-quality web and mobile/set-top device encoding via our custom-built x264-based encoding pipeline

Data Tape Archiving

Keep your project safe on archival-quality LTO-8 data tape.

  • Archive original camera footage, dailies, deliverables, VFX elements, project files, key production documents, or any other data
  • 12 TB native data capacity per tape
  • Archival shelf life rated at 15-30 years
  • Industry standard LTFS tape format

Tape Layback

  • DigiBeta


  • Encoding workflows using the industry's best H.264 and MPEG-2 encoders
  • Stereo or 5.1 surround sound
  • In-house short-run replication
  • High-quality full-color on-disc printing
  • Optional watermark burn-in for screeners


  • Full workflow consulting/coordination services
  • Data management
  • Long-term cloud archiving of project elements via Amazon Glacier
  • Bulk Internet data transfer via fiber connection

Other Services

  • Opening credits and end scrolls
  • Standards conversion
  • Technical and subjective QC services