Our deliverables pipeline is built around custom workflow and job tracking tools that make complex delivery a breeze. Nice Dissolve offers a substantial range of in-house services, and has established relationships with outside providers to cover additional services, making ND a one-stop shop for delivering almost any project, whether destined for the web, broadcast, or the big screen.

With the lower overhead of our Brooklyn location and the efficiency of our pipeline, we can save many films delivering to major US or foreign distributors tens of thousands of dollars over the rates charged by large Manhattan or LA facilities.

DCP Creation

Digital cinema package authoring with turnaround as fast as next-day.

  • 2K or 4K resolution
  • Encrypted or unencrypted
  • DCDM creation
  • DI theater with DCP playback capabilities
  • DCP duplication
  • Online ordering through our MakeDCP service.


Transcoding to DPX, ProRes, DNxHD, Uncompressed HD, H.264 and other formats. Most conversions are real time or faster for quick turnaround.

  • Alexa transcoding, including ARRIRAW support and conversion from Log C ProRes via standard or custom LUTs or Alexa look files
  • Sony F5/F55 transcoding, from XAVC or raw, 1080p, 2K or 4K
  • REDRocket-accelerated maximum-quality Red/Epic transcoding to most formats in real time
  • Phantom CineFile transcoding
  • High-quality web and mobile/set-top device encoding via our custom-built x264-based encoding pipeline

Data Tape Archiving

Keep your project safe on archival-quality LTO-6 data tape.

  • Archive original camera footage, dailies, deliverables, VFX elements, project files, key production documents, or any other data
  • 2.5 TB native data capacity, up to 6.25 TB compressed data capacity per tape
  • Archival shelf life rated at 15-30 years
  • Industry standard LTFS tape format

Tape Layback

  • DigiBeta

Film Prints

  • Tested workflow and established relationships for delivering to major film-out facilities.


  • Encoding workflows using the industry's best H.264 and MPEG-2 encoders
  • Custom menu design or straight play
  • Stereo or 5.1 surround sound
  • In-house short-run replication
  • High-quality full-color on-disc printing
  • Optional watermark burn-in for screeners


  • Full workflow consulting/coordination services
  • Data management
  • Long-term cloud archiving of project elements via Amazon Glacier
  • Bulk Internet data transfer via fiber connection

Other Services

  • Opening credits and end scrolls
  • Closed captioning and CCSL creation
  • Pan & scan creation
  • Standards conversion
  • Technical and subjective QC services